Williams WGRS -54 1481

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For Savage-Ans chutz 54, 64, 141, 141M, 153, 153S; Remington 541S; Winchester 310, 320, 9422. (On 9422, a front sight height of .450 is required.)
This is a very versatile sight in that it can be fitted on most of the dovetails on the receivers of .22 rifles. These dovetails have quite a wide tolerance and in many cases will require some hand fitting of the WGRS-54, but this can be easily accomplished by filing the bottom of the sight slightly to increase the width of the dovetail and then it is just a matter of slipping the sight on.
Because of low line sights a higher front sight may be required. Use of the Williams Shorty, or Streamlined ramp and a Williams beaded front sight should solve any of these problems.

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