Browning Knife, Speed Load Box

Article number: BRO-3220115B
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4 speed changeable blades included. G-10 scales, alloy bolster, nylon belt sheath

Not your grandpa's hunting knife. Nothing like it at all. Here are a few good reasons to consider the Speed Load Hunting. First, it's one knife with every blade you could need just seconds away. Second, it takes just a couple of seconds to swap out a dull blade for a razor sharp one. Third, you can get used to the feel of one knife, but really have the utility of multiple knives.

What you get is nothing short of total functionality. This folding liner lock knife includes one drop point, one guthook, one caper and one standard utility blade. It is compatible with 420J2 stainless steel razor blade inserts, so you can do the hard utility cutting without worry, because you can always have extra fresh utility blades.

Beautiful, functional design. With sculpted G-10 scales, alloy bolster with anodized finish, steel pocket clip and nylon belt sheath that includes in insert for extra blades, this could easily become your go-to all around knife!

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